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TechMart FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is TechMart?

TechMart is Caltech's official procure-to-pay platform, designed specifically for a higher education environment. TechMart features:

·         One-stop, sustainable shopping experience

·         Wide range of suppliers and products

·         Reduced material costs through pre-negotiated pricing with our catalog suppliers

·         Receiving and invoice approvals

·         Start to finish buying experience

How do I sign up for TechMart?

To gain access to TechMart, your department's assigned custodian will fill out the TechMart Access Form which will be submitted to Procurement Services. To find who your custodian is please click here.

In-class TechMart new user training will be offered monthly. To enroll in a TechMart training class please click here.

When should I use TechMart?

-       For purchasing items available through Punchout or Hosted Catalogs, TechMart should be the mode of purchase used whenever possible, as the Catalog Suppliers offer pre-negotiated pricing. Other advantages to using TechMart include:

·         No P-Card reconciliation

·         Use of favorites saves data entry for repetitive orders

For items not available through Punchout or Hosted Catalogs, users have the option of purchasing via TechMart or P-Card, depending on the payment method(s) accepted by the supplier.


-       For submitting Payment Requests, Wire Requests, Employee Reimbursements, and Supplier-After-the-Fact forms.

-       For creating Receipts to confirm receipt of goods or services

-       For viewing and approving invoices

How do I view/edit my TechMart profile settings?

In TechMart, you can edit and customize your profile to meet your specific needs. In your profile, you can create Default PTA's, view your Purchasing/Approval Limit and Financial Approvers, customize Notification Preferences, etc.


What is a Catalog Supplier?

Current Catalog Suppliers can be found on the TechMart Shopping Home page, grouped by commodity. There are two types of Catalog Suppliers, PunchOut and Hosted. Punchout Suppliers have provided a special link to their online catalog which is unique to Caltech, and contains Caltech Pricing. Hosted Catalog Suppliers have provided their electronic catalog in TechMart. Our Catalog Suppliers have negotiated prices and terms that are advantageous to Caltech. Please check out our Contract Suppliers page on our website to see what each supplier has to offer.

Note: Punchout Suppliers will have a pop out symbol  in the upper right-hand corner of their icon.

Can I use a Supplier who isn't a Catalog Supplier?

Yes. If your item is not available through a Catalog Supplier, you can order from a Non-Catalog Supplier. All of the suppliers available in Oracle are also available in TechMart. If you want to purchase from a new supplier, the new supplier can be added to TechMart.


What if the supplier does not appear in TechMart?

If the supplier does not appear in TechMart, type in the words "New Supplier" and select it from the dropdown. A Procurement representative will then fill out the New Supplier Request Form and submit it to our Supplier Management Team.

What documentation do I need to attach in TechMart?

·         For outgoing Purchase Orders, a quote/proposal should be attached to the TechMart Requisition (if obtained). Any other relevant document(s) that may be useful to the Purchasing Official should also be attached.

·         For orders exceeding the $10K competitive threshold requirement, you must attach (a) at least two quotes/proposals and a Competitive Procurement Summary (only required if you are not purchasing from the lowest bidder) or (b) a Noncompetitive Justification form. See Section 2.5 Competition of the Purchasing Goods and Services Policy for additional details.

·   Payment Requests/Wire Requests: must include a copy of the receipt or invoice.

·         Unauthorized Orders:

  • Employee Reimbursements must have proof of payment documentation attached to the TechMart Requisition, including receipts, paid invoices, or credit card statements.
  • Supplier After-the-Fact requisitions must include a copy of the invoice.

How do I split PTA's?

You can split a POETA at the header level (applies to all line items) or at the line level (applies to individual line item). If you wish to split the POETA (i.e. 50%/50%), select edit or view/edit by line item then add split. Adding a split will allow you to split by percent or amount.


What happens after I submit a TechMart Requisition?

Your TechMart Requisition will be processed through the appropriate workflow, depending on the order type and procurement dollar value. The diagram below compares the workflow of a Non-Catalog Order vs. Catalog Order:



What is a Declining Balance Purchase Order?

Purpose: To create a blanket order that will utilize a single Jaggaer issued PO number, for the purchase of goods or services, over a fixed period of time, with a set dollar amount and a designated PTA.


To create an agreement with a supplier for contracted services over a period of time, with a set dollar amount and PTA, i.e. consulting or general service agreements.


To learn how to create a Declining Balance Purchase Order, please see our presentation New Purchasing Forms.

What if my Approver will be out for an extended period of time (i.e. vacation, leave)?

If your default approver is out for an extended period of time and will be unavailable to approve your requisition, you can select an alternate approver from your profile values. Approvers can also make arrangements to "Assign Substitute" to accommodate a long or planned absence.


How do I check order status?

Refer to How To: Check Order Status

How do I find my previous orders?

Refer to How To: Search Orders

How do I order from Airgas?

·         To order through the Airgas Punchout, refer to How To: Order Compressed Gas

·         To order a specialty gas (not available through the Airgas Punchout), refer to How To: Order Specialty Gases

·         All Airgas orders must use the Ship To location "CYLINDERS"

What are the Rules for Invoice Approval?

·         General Rule: Every Purchase Requisition will require Financial Approval – Either in Requisition Workflow OR Invoice Workflow, but NOT both

                  ·      EXCEPTION: Financial Approval will NOT be required for PO-matched invoices <$1,000

·         Rule: Financial Approval will always be required for Payment Requests, Employee Reimbursements and Supplier After-the-Fact – No Exception


How do I perform a Goods Receipt?

Please refer to the presentation Receiving, Invoice Approvals and Limits.


How do I dispute an invoice (not okay to pay)?

If you need to reject the invoice, use comments to notify the AP Specialist, and then use the Available Actions dropdown to "Place Invoice on Hold"

Only the AP Specialist will have the ability to reject the invoice because rejecting will remove the invoice from workflow.


How do I complete a Payment Request?

 Please refer to the presentation Payment Requests.


How do I complete a Supplier After-the-Fact form?

Please refer to the presentation New Purchasing Forms.


How do I complete an Employee Reimbursement form?

Please refer to the presentation Employee Reimbursement.