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Tess Perez (Team LEAD)

Senior Financial Analyst

Assignments: Accounting Functions, Construction Invoice Facilities, Petty Cash, Sales & Use Tax, Tax Reporting

(626) 395-2855

Monique McMillan

Financial Analyst & Small Business Specialist

Assignments: Athenaeum, Biology, Bookstore, Bursar, Business & Finance, CABS, Campus Life, EAS, HR, IMSS, Institute Housing, IRC, JPL Wire Booking, Library, OTT, OGC, President's Office, Project Accounting, Provost's Office

(626) 395-3097

Hazel V. Hall

Senior Financial Analyst

Assignments: Employee Reimbursements, Payroll Benefits and Taxes

(626) 395-3689

Tatjana Cormarkovic

Financial Analyst

Athletics, CAPSI, Chemistry, CIRPAS, Dean's Office, Development, Facilities/Campus Planning, GPS, Graphic Arts/Mail Services/Transportation, HSS, Institute Scholar, JPL, LIGO, Performing & Visual Arts, PMA, Public Events & Relations, Security, Student Affairs, TMT, Utilities

(626) 395-8101