Q: When will my reimbursement be paid?   

A:  The turnaround processing time is 7-10 business days for normal requests.


Q:        How do I set up a petty cash fund?

A:         Submit PTA Payment Request Form in TechMart and select category, Petty Cash Setup.

·         Enter the name of designated custodian who must be a Caltech employee.

·         If the name is not available in TechMart, select "New Supplier" and Specialty Team member will submit a request to Supplier Management to create a new custodian record.

·         Enter amount, PTA, and purpose of the petty cash fund.


Q:        How do I update the Payment Request/Reimbursement Form I just submitted?

A:         If you need to edit the information or add attachments, send an e-mail to SpecialtyTeam@caltech.edu. A team member can return the form for corrections.


Q:        How do I cancel a request that should not be paid?

A:         The Specialty Team can cancel a Payment Request/Reimbursement Form that has not been processed or paid. Send an e-mail to SpecialtyTeam@caltech.edu and a team member will reject the form in TechMart.


Q:        Why did Payment Services withhold tax from the supplier's payment?

A:         Caltech is required by the IRS and Franchise Tax Board to withhold income tax on certain types of income earned in the US and/or California. Some examples are:

·         Foreign persons receiving US source income may be subject to 30% Federal withholding

·         Non-CA residents and foreign persons earning CA source income may be subject to 7% State withholding


Q:        How do I search payment forms I submitted in TechMart?

A:         Go to Documents Section below the shopping cart icon.

·         Enter Form Number, if known.

·         Go to My Forms to view all forms submitted by user.

Q: Can I personally pay an individual or business who provides a service?

A: No, when an employee pays a tax reportable supplier, the employee becomes a middleman in the procurement process. The Institute may be obligated to report the payment to the IRS and FTB, placing the employee in a middleman or "intermediary payer" situation. Payroll and Payment Services are the only two departments authorized to issue tax forms for Caltech.


Q: Can I be reimbursed if I've lost my receipt?

A: Yes, credit card or bank statements are acceptable in lieu of a receipt. Payment Services requires proof of payment for all reimbursements regardless of amount. If documentation is lost or missing, please complete and submit a Missing Receipt Form with your request.


Q: Can I use the petty cash fund to pay an individual or business who provides service?

A: No, petty cash cannot be used for tax reportable payments (e.g. prizes, gift cards, labor, etc.). Petty cash funds are intended for small expenses such as food for meetings and office supplies. For more information about Institute Policy, please visit the Treasury Services website: http://finance.caltech.edu/TreasuryServices/Petty_Cash


Q: When is a Payment Request Form required?

A: A Payment Request form is used for certain types of commodities for which a formal purchase order is not required or where negotiation by Purchasing Services adds no value. Commodities not identified on the Payment Request Usage List (see Forms) must be processed via Supplier After the Fact form (TechMart), Employee Reimbursement Request (TechMart), PCard or Travel Expense Report if related to a trip.