Q: What address should suppliers mail invoices to?

A:  All invoices should be mailed to PO Box 3237 Scranton, PA 18505. Purchase Orders provide specific instruction to suppliers on emailing or mailing invoices.


Q: Where should I send an invoice for payment processing?

A:  Invoices should be emailed to accountspayable@caltech.edu. Please do not send payment inquiries to this email to prevent clutter.


Q: What is the digital mailroom?

A:  The Digital Mailroom (DMR) is a service that scans all mailed and emailed invoices directly into TechMart to begin the invoice creation and matching process.


Q: How are invoices processed in TechMart?

A:  The Digital Mailroom service scans and creating invoice vouchers in TechMart. Purchase order lines are matched to invoice accordingly. AP then verifies the following:

a.      Accuracy of matched PO lines.

b.      Price and quantity discrepancies.

c.       Accurate billing of sales and use tax.

d.      If a cost/goods receipt is required, and/or financial approval.

e.      Invoice is exported into Oracle for final posting and payment.


Q: How are billing discrepancies resolved?

A: When discrepancies are discovered, the system displays a notification under the Matching tab on the voucher and the AP Specialist communicates - through the Comments tab - with the Buyer for resolution. A new requisition may be created along with a new PO change order or a credit memo may be requested from the supplier.


Q: Under what circumstances are invoices returned to suppliers?

A:  Invoices will be returned to suppliers if:

-          There is no PO number on the invoice

-          Price and/or quantities billed differ from purchase order

-          Sales tax discrepancies


Q: If duplicate vouchers exist, how can duplicate payment be prevented?

A: Extra measures have been implemented in TechMart to avoid duplicate payments. Multiple vouchers with the same invoice numbers under a particular supplier and/or purchase order will be flagged by TechMart preventing workflow completion. AP Specialists will research duplicate vouchers ensuring that the original voucher was processed and paid before canceling. All duplicate vouchers will assigned the letters "DUP" "DUP1" "DUP2" etc. at the end of the original invoice number and subsequently canceled.